Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moral of the day

There is this Fisherman, Let's call him Vishy (rhymes with Fishy).
Vishy goes out fishing each morning,
casts his net and gathers his catch and sells them in the market and makes a
living out of it.

On one occasion he gets up too early and sleep eludes him.

So he decides to go fishing any way it's too dark to go fishing,
so he strolls by the Bank of the River and waits for the Sun to appear he
stumbles upon a sack.

This sack is a bit heavy and there were some pebbles in it Now,
when u have a river and a sack of pebbles and a lot of time to kill,
the logical thing to do is to throw the pebbles into the river.

Vishy did just the same.

He tried all the things we do Throwing it as far as possible,

as high as possible, make the pebbles bounce as many times an possible.....

Now with just one stone remaining,
the sun rose the stone in his hand began to glow as well damn!

The stone was a diamond!!!!

That's when he realized that all those pebbles
he had thrown away were actually Precious Stones!!!

End of Story!

Moral is ...






Don't get up too early in the morning

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