Thursday, October 27, 2016

Checklist before leaving Canada back to your home country

5 Important things to be done while relocating back to India from Canada.

1.Backup all your proofs which show you visited and worked in Canada

   Below are the documents which i want you to take backup as these documents can be very useful for you if you are applying PR etc
    1. Company Payslips
    2. Bank Statements- Please get them from starting of your back accounts. Ideally get them from bank with a bank seal on it.It might be useful for applying loan in India
    3.Lease agreements
    4.Company offer letters

2. Zero stains on your credit history

    Below are the points to be taken to make sure you have no bad credit history. This will help in getting easier loans if you ever back in Canada.
    1.Pay all the credit card dues and close them
    2.Pay all your phone bills and cancel the connection.
    3.Pay your rents and get a no objection certificate if possible.
    4.Pay your driving tickets and other tickets.

3. Be careful with your bank

    As you may be filling taxes and you might get some refunds it is always advisable to have one bank account active. Most of the Canadian banks charge for checking's account if you don't have enough balance. My advise is to close your checking's account and have only savings bank account. Advantage of savings bank is it gives you money on the funds you have and generally deposits are not charged only withdrawals are charged. If you are closing down your checking account please make sure you update below websites just to make money gets deposited properly into your account
    1. Update CRA - Canada Revenue Agency
    2.Update your personal / medical/vehicle insurance company
    3.Update your Working company which pays your salary.
    4.Update your Rental company
    5. Update the websites from which you do money transfers

4.Update CRA
As you are relocating i would suggest you to update CRA - Canada revenue Agency about your departure from the country. This will help CRA to calculate your taxes properly and process returns.

5.Make proper contacts.

 As Canadian job market is very small and each every person is connect with other people it is always better to have proper contacts, so I request you to give your details and all the required people to LinkedIn , Facebook etc.

As you would be moving back to your country , try to do a break over journey in Toronto or Vancouver etc places and appreciate the Canadian lifestyle.

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