Monday, September 26, 2016

IBM Maximo : Calling a report from a push button in Maximo

Idea here is to launch a report from a push button on any screen. In this way business can run a specific report by clicking a button in the screen itself.

1.       Find the report which you want to run (ex: woprint.rptdesign) and hit the database to find the report number and execute below query

select reportnum,reportname,appname from report where reportname='woprint.rptdesign' and APPNAME='WOTRACK';

2.       From Report Library file (REPLIBRARY) and search for reportnum="351" , note the id related to it (highlighted)

label="Request Page" mboname="WORKORDER" reportnum="351" reporttype="BIRT" width="550">

3.       Navigate to application designer, search for WOTRACK and a new button with details like
Event : reportd351 and save it

4.       From Work Order Tracking application , you can see a Print Report button, when you click it shows report page like below

And on Submit, it generates the report.

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