Monday, July 11, 2016

Fetch PO's which have been receipts completed more than 90 days

Below query would fetch list of PO's record which have all the receipts closed before 90 days.

select ponum,REVISIONNUM,status from maximo.PO where
 status='APPR' and receipts='COMPLETE' and
 exists (select 1 from (select transdate from (
 select max(TRANSDATE) transdate from maximo.SERVRECTRANS
 where ponum=po.ponum group by ponum union select
 max(TRANSDATE) transdate from maximo.MATRECTRANS where
 ponum=po.ponum group by ponum ) order by transdate desc )
 where rownum <2 and="" p="" sysdate-transdate=""> >90)

using this query we can write an escalation which can change status of PO to COMPLETE or close etc

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