Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why i hate 'Apple' in Hyderabad

I bought Apple Ipad recently at Reliance store in Kukatpally. After six months we observed that ipad is having multiple problems like home button doesn’t work sometimes, touch doesn’t work sometimes and battery has bulged.

As Reliance has closed its app stores so I went to nearest apple store ‘Aptronix’ Banjara hills.


Aptronix is a wonderful store located in Banjara Hills with the worst staff from across the world. I may be harsh but you will agree with me once you visit the store.


·         Aptronix timings really worst they start from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM with lunch from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (and they don’t work whenever there is no power).

·         When I showed to Apple executive , he said I have to take backup, I asked him who to do it in Cloud he showed the way and in the process he didn’t upload pictures for around 3 GB and I lost all my newly born kid photos .(Apple executive has to at least guide us properly how to use cloud and take backup)

·         In middle of the work they leave saying its Lunch hour and asks us to wait (note: we will be waiting expecting they will come back).

·         When I show the device to another executive gives no answer or gives exactly opposite answer.

·         Finally they took back the ipad and returned a new piece after 4 working days.

·         When I got the new device they started setting up the device, they set a new password and they didn’t inform me. I am still waiting to get my password I have either call them or personally visit them.

·         When I inquired about IPhone 5S , executive responds I am begging for his help.


I am sure this is not How Apple wants his customers to be treated. So please avoid buying Apple products in Hyderabad or Ask Apple to change its ‘Aptronix’ vendor.

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