Sunday, June 2, 2013

Termination of Hypothecation for My car

I bought my car with help of SBI (State bank Of India) and recently cleared my loan. I went to RTA office medchal. Below are some of the tips to avoid multiple visits to RTA office.

• Please take following documents with you to RTA office

 Form 35 – 3 copies (2 copies minimum)

 Xerox copy of PUC (Pollution check certificate)

 Xerox copy of insurance certificate

 Xerox copy of your Date of Birth ( it is written on the mandatory documents board , but RTA officer didn’t ask for it)

 A letter from Bank saying that Loan is cleared (loan closure certificate/letter).

 Original RC (Registration Copy)

• Upon taking all the documents , please go to ‘May I help you ‘ counter, who verifies all the documents and sends you over to a Counter

• In the counter , employee takes around Rs 535 and gives a receipt and guides you to a counter where you have to do digital signature.

• Please remember to take a small plastic pouch to keep your Original RC.

• Rs 535 is distributed as application fees (Rs 100) + Service charge (Rs 200) + Smart card fees (Rs 200)+ postal charge (Rs 35).

• It would take minimum of 1 week to get your new RC without Hypothecation.

• Ideal time to visit RTA office is before 11 AM and if it is after 1:00 PM please go some other day.

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