Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lessons from a corn farmer

There was a prosperous farmer in the US who was very famous for bagging the "Best Corn Grower" award every year. A journalist approached him and asked him the secret of his success. The farmer replied he joyfully shared the secret of growing the best corn with all his neighbouring farmers. He even gave them the best quality seed and taught them the techniques to grow the best corn.

The journalist got confused and asked "If you share the secret of your success with all your neighbours, are you not inviting competition?"

The farmer replied: "If I want to have the best quality corn, I must have some good quality corn growing in the neighbouring areas because the wind will carry the pollen that will cross pollinate with the corn buds in my farm and help me produce the best corn. If my neighbours corn is of inferior quality, then my corn cannot be of the best quality inspite of all my efforts"

The journalist said: "That makes a lot of sense; but are you not inviting competition?"

The farmer replied: "There is no question of competition because I know that most people are selfish and will not share the secret of their success with their neighbours. So my neighbours neighbour may not grow the good quality corn and hence my neighbour's corn cannot be superior to mine !!!"

Therefore, success cannot happen in isolation. If you want to succeed, you must help your neighbours, friends and relatives to succeed.
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